About Voor je Buurt civic crowdfunding

Voor je Buurt is the first crowdfunding and crowdsourcing website for civic projects in The Netherlands. Through Voor je Buurt citizens, community groups, social entrepreneurs and NGO’s can fund local projects with a social impact. Think of projects like local festivals, community centers and temporary use of public space. As one of the first organizations worldwide we prove crowdfunding for local civic projects to be successful. We are the fourth largest civic crowdfunding platform in the world. We enable and coach civic projects in their crowdfunding campaign and cooperate with local governments, charity funds and companies.

Money, volunteers, materials and support
Thanks to Voor je Buurt, initiators can raise funds by use of their entrepreneurial and networking skills. Crowdfunding is not just an online tool to raise money, volunteers and materials, but also a way to build a community around a project. Contributing to a project results in shared ownership of the project, and we notice that financial supporters often stay involved. As such, the process of crowdfunding makes transparent what happens on a local level, whether there is support for new ideas, and what funding sources are possible.

Changing role of local governments
Civic crowdfunding can radically change the relationship between local governments and civic initiatives. The municipality no longer functions as a gatekeeper who decides whether an initiative gets permission and funding, but, instead, citizens take matters into their own hands. Municipalities take up the role of an equal partner who can cooperate to realize an initiative. Local governments increasingly hand over tasks and responsibilities to civil society. Voor je Buurt anticipates on this development. We cooperate with local governments, charity funds and companies to take up an active role in civic crowdfunding. For example by training citizens and professionals in civic crowdfunding, starting a local of thematic platform or by becoming a matchfunder. Matchfunding is an alternative way to distribute subsidies for social projects by contributing to crowdfunding campaigns. This way municipalities can strategically change their funding instruments to stimulate civic projects to use crowdfunding.

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Get in touch: you can reach us at info@voorjebuurt.nl or +31203377055. We’d be pleased to hear from you! Have a look at the Voor je Buurt team here (in dutch).

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